The Thinning

While I have patience dealing with people, I don’t in writing, so I’m going to make a short list of the candidates (both parties) to skip. IE there’s no way they will win their party’s nomination, so unless you are looking at the VP slot or to make a splash in the party and change something, they are not worth your time to pursue.

Oh yeah, I am not bothering to put in the people who are not running. Like Al Gore, get over it.












Why them? On the Republican side it was easy, 3 are in debt, (Romney very badly, and someday he’ll stop paying for his own campaign), 3 have no chance and are already nosing up to the three solvent candidates.

For the Dems it was almost as easy. Most have no money to compete with. OF the remaining few that do, their time has passed, and they are jockeying for VP or cabinet positions already.

I’ll detail the 6 remaining candidates in two posts, one for the Dems and one for the Republicans. As for these candidates… Some are good some are bad, but all have passed their prime in some way.


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Here comes the pain, again

News sources report donation issues again for Sen. Clinton.  It seems (again) that a republical billionaire donated a lump of money (about 17k) to her campaign after earmarks for the Woodstock museum went through. 

Actually theres nothing special about this, it happens all the time with earmarks.  And that should be the real story in this campaign, whether its for President or any office.   Its business as usual.  Emphasis on BUSINESS.

Here in Washington state, earmarks for  a very small boat making company added up to about 17 mill.  They made a boat for the navy.  Big deal.  Well it is, the Navy never asked for the boat, didn’t want it, and gave it away to the UW, who has it parked and isn’t using it.  Why did this company get these earmarks to build an unwanted, unneeded white whale? 

“Blame it on Sen. Patty Murray and Congressmen Norm Dicks and Brian Baird. All three exercised their political muscle to slip language into a 2002 spending bill to force the Navy to buy the boat from Edmonds shipbuilder Guardian Marine International.”  By David Heath and Hal Bernton Seattle Times staff reporters 

Give me a break.  Use your money not mine to pay back your debts to contributers, not mine.  Thieves, one and all, I don’t care what party they are affiliated with, though I suspect it is the “For my Friends” political party.

(Theres only one politician in washington running for the office of president who the lobbyists don’t bother knocking on his door.)

Heres the article:

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The election is coming the election is coming!

It’s that time of the decade again when most Americans continue to not pay attention, letting a fervent few select who will run, and ultimatley become our president, so that they can bitch at what poor choices they have.

Give me a break, I realize our election process is 90% inthe hands of the Mass Media (MSM) who choose who they will show based on advertisement sales…. And this is plain wrong.  There needs to be a way to fix it….  Wait I’m sounding like a democrat again.  Let me readjust my tin hat.

For the first time in my life, I’m not voting a democrat line up.  I have what I think are sound reasons too, and have been echoed on the campaign trail by precious few.   I will go through the candidates one at a time, and give what I believe to be sound views on why I won’t vote for them, and you shouldn’t either.  In the end, an election process is a thinning, a removal of the worst element in the field, leaving us witht he best.  Right? That i how we got our great Presidents like, The Bushes and the Clintons.  Like Nixon and Wilson and.. and… crap.  Its really just a popularity contest revolving around who can shout the loudest, wave the most money and have the most contriversy without being being really bad.   Democrat and Republican politicos, they are the same people, the ones who like to meddle in your lives to increase their personal power to achieve personal goals.  Don’t take it personally, if you were in charge you’d probably do the same thing.

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