Hahaha, oh stop, please. Your killing me.

And if it wasn’t blatently obvious enough that Rudy G, former Mayor of NYC wasn’t a liar theres more info available today.


Apparently RG (as the cool kids call him) billed NYC for his affair with Ms. Judy Nathan.  ANd while RG did ask for forgiveness forhis past, he hid these charges, and now his campaign is trying to keep them mum.

This man shows a lack of respect for his constitents in the past, and has been noted again and again as being hungry for power, and misusing it when he has it.

Do we want him as president?

Or do we want him to point out that “Everything changed after 9/11″…  like hiding the public funding of cheating on your wife.

Look at some of the agencies and thus the people he billed:

$10,054 billed to the Office for People With Disabilities

$29,757 to the Procurement Policy Board.

$400,000 for travel to the Assigned Counsel Administrative Office

….  over all hundred os thousands of taxpayer dollars payed for his extramarital affairs.

17 million to run for senate…

And theres a large contingent of people who want him to design a US budget.

Please people, for the sake of us all, vote for someone with solid ethics.  What a candidate does, and did with their personal lives DOES matter, its a barometer of what they do in office.  No ethics at home= no ethics in the office.


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