5th of November

For or against him.  It really doesn’t matter. 

Did this un-official 5th of November site meet its stated goal of 100,000 members? 

Not even close, it drew about 17,500 or so when I last looked.

But did it work?

I tuned into see what was going to happen and looked at the numbers starting last night at midnight Pacific time.   

A paltry 2 million.  When I got up for wok it was 4 million, when I drove the half an hour to work and looked again.. 5 million.

That’s the same total November 5th, by 11:30 am pacific, as in the whole 3rd quarter that rocked the MSM.

And its only 11:30 am.

With a quick calculator it’s easy to see that the purported 12 million for the quarter that the campaign was looking forward to by December is within reach.  November may turn out to be a 6.5 million dollar month.  That plus October (3.8 million) is a titch over 11 million.  Almost 12, with a month to go.

Sooooo, what does that actually mean? 

Hillary can blow her nose with that kind of money, Romney already does.

GOP Front runner Rudy G. has 11 million primary and 5 million general election.  If the Ron Paul Campaign hits its target it will be the front runner in all donations for the GOP.  That’s a lot of commercials and guaranteed name recognition.

The Main Stream Media follows its nose to money, it could care less about the actual campaign (UFO questions?  Good Lord) and is a for-profit industry.  Whoever has the most money leads.  It’s that simple.  Remember the adage “If it bleeds, it leads”?  Well, if the Ron Paul campaign nails 12 million in mid December the GOP New Conservatives campaigns will start shutting down.  That’s blood.  That’s a lead story.

If you think it’s time for a change go to http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ and make a donation.  Because that will stir the political pot faster and more effectively than anything else.

Oh yeah, its 11:45 and $5,185,134.57  or about 10k a minute.



  1. gronga said

    Minor update. Its 3:28 PST and the Ron Paul Campaign just set a record for most money in contributions in a single day.
    Pretty darn good for a grassroots campaign. 8,5 hours to go until it’s run its course.
    It will be very interesting to see what the MSM makes of this.

  2. gronga said

    gadzooks. its now 5:20pm pst, and the donations are at 6.28 million. About 150k/hour.
    However, apparently the credit card donations are being held for up to 8 hours so that the card companies servers don’t fail.
    We may never know what the actual rate of money coming in is at this point. Only that its way above what anyone expected.
    20k people signed up to donate, 40k have so far.
    Time to tune in to Faux news and CNN and see whats happening in their eyes 🙂 Maybe the dreaded Ronbot donated it all!

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