Rod y Gab in Seattle Holloween 07

Yup, last night I went to see Rodrigo y Gabriela, an excellent pair of musicians if there ever was one.I can do the usual rave and all that, but frankly they were too good for that.  If asked what they are like (and I was asked) I’d have to say….  Speed metal meets Classical Spanish Guitar meets Irish Jig.

No wonder they are up for the Left field Woody from MTV. used to buy those concert videos when I was younger, sort of because it’s cool, sort of because of the memory of the concert.  But after you watch some of one, you walk away and listen while you do… whatever.Not these two.  Gabriela’s fingers are too fast for the camera to pick up.  I’m serious.  The concert had multiple cameras from several angles covering both of them, so we in the nose bleeds could see the stage.  Her hand looked like a flying stump with a blur attached.  She Drummed, strummed and finger picked more or left simultaneously, all the while doing the heavy metal head bang that her hair in a slowly rising static attack.Simply amazing.Rodrigo had the head banging down as well, like a true veteran of a thousand psychic wars, he would close his eyes and let his fingers fly.  He did a sort of Lead Flamenco, and made it look easy….  I play some guitar, enough to get me in trouble, and I’ve known a lot of musicians.  I have to tell you, Guitarists come in three flavors.  1st. Those who struggle, and make you think twice about taking it up because they make it look so hard.  2nd. The ones who play like they have done it for years and are inspiring. And 3rdly those who were born with the fret board attached.  Rod y Gab fall into category 3.  When she would get excited she would lift her Guitar like an icon before the crowd to worship, pumping it in the air as if it had a heartbeat.  Rodrigo would simply point at her and encourage the crowd, to encourage her. Once they did a sort of dueling guitars, and when she took off on a flight into guitar heaven he left the stage while she did a credible imitation of the 8 armed Indian goddess on her instrument.IF, if, if there is anything these two have to overcome it’s mostly youth.  As long as they can work together, their incredible skills and musical chemistry will pull them into the heights of stardom.  Their imagination and technical ability is only hampered by not being alive long enough to make it even better.Viva Rod y Gab


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