Bush thinks we’ll buy it again

They pulled bombs out of a bunker, on camera in Iraq…  Labeled that they were made in 2006 in Iran.   Of course it make perfect sense tha these labels were printed in the common arabi language…..


The arrogance of this administration is amazing.  I’m officially getting my passport, so I can leave when that asshole tells our men and women to invade Iran.

Do not be surprised when he declares martial law and suspends the elections either.

And reinstates the draft.

and disbands congress for being anti-american traitors.

He is crazy, and I hope he has a stroke and is left incapable of ‘leading’.

we need a new leader and soon, someone to get us out of this stupid war, rebalance our economic system and pull our counry’s collective head out of its ass.

Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?


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