The Thinning

While I have patience dealing with people, I don’t in writing, so I’m going to make a short list of the candidates (both parties) to skip. IE there’s no way they will win their party’s nomination, so unless you are looking at the VP slot or to make a splash in the party and change something, they are not worth your time to pursue.

Oh yeah, I am not bothering to put in the people who are not running. Like Al Gore, get over it.












Why them? On the Republican side it was easy, 3 are in debt, (Romney very badly, and someday he’ll stop paying for his own campaign), 3 have no chance and are already nosing up to the three solvent candidates.

For the Dems it was almost as easy. Most have no money to compete with. OF the remaining few that do, their time has passed, and they are jockeying for VP or cabinet positions already.

I’ll detail the 6 remaining candidates in two posts, one for the Dems and one for the Republicans. As for these candidates… Some are good some are bad, but all have passed their prime in some way.


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  1. gronga said

    I must be psychic. While I was writing this, Sen Sam Brownback (see the list above) decided to drop from the GOP race. The reason….. Money. He was smart to withdraw before he was in debt (he only had 96k), and his career still intact. Hopefully he won’t support anyone until after the convention. But is he does, it will probably be either McCain or Huckabee, adding a month or two to their life spans.

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