Hahaha, oh stop, please. Your killing me.

And if it wasn’t blatently obvious enough that Rudy G, former Mayor of NYC wasn’t a liar theres more info available today.


Apparently RG (as the cool kids call him) billed NYC for his affair with Ms. Judy Nathan.  ANd while RG did ask for forgiveness forhis past, he hid these charges, and now his campaign is trying to keep them mum.

This man shows a lack of respect for his constitents in the past, and has been noted again and again as being hungry for power, and misusing it when he has it.

Do we want him as president?

Or do we want him to point out that “Everything changed after 9/11″…  like hiding the public funding of cheating on your wife.

Look at some of the agencies and thus the people he billed:

$10,054 billed to the Office for People With Disabilities

$29,757 to the Procurement Policy Board.

$400,000 for travel to the Assigned Counsel Administrative Office

….  over all hundred os thousands of taxpayer dollars payed for his extramarital affairs.

17 million to run for senate…

And theres a large contingent of people who want him to design a US budget.

Please people, for the sake of us all, vote for someone with solid ethics.  What a candidate does, and did with their personal lives DOES matter, its a barometer of what they do in office.  No ethics at home= no ethics in the office.


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5th of November

For or against him.  It really doesn’t matter. 

Did this un-official 5th of November site meet its stated goal of 100,000 members? 

Not even close, it drew about 17,500 or so when I last looked.

But did it work?

I tuned into see what was going to happen and looked at the numbers starting last night at midnight Pacific time.   

A paltry 2 million.  When I got up for wok it was 4 million, when I drove the half an hour to work and looked again.. 5 million.

That’s the same total November 5th, by 11:30 am pacific, as in the whole 3rd quarter that rocked the MSM.

And its only 11:30 am.

With a quick calculator it’s easy to see that the purported 12 million for the quarter that the campaign was looking forward to by December is within reach.  November may turn out to be a 6.5 million dollar month.  That plus October (3.8 million) is a titch over 11 million.  Almost 12, with a month to go.

Sooooo, what does that actually mean? 

Hillary can blow her nose with that kind of money, Romney already does.

GOP Front runner Rudy G. has 11 million primary and 5 million general election.  If the Ron Paul Campaign hits its target it will be the front runner in all donations for the GOP.  That’s a lot of commercials and guaranteed name recognition.

The Main Stream Media follows its nose to money, it could care less about the actual campaign (UFO questions?  Good Lord) and is a for-profit industry.  Whoever has the most money leads.  It’s that simple.  Remember the adage “If it bleeds, it leads”?  Well, if the Ron Paul campaign nails 12 million in mid December the GOP New Conservatives campaigns will start shutting down.  That’s blood.  That’s a lead story.

If you think it’s time for a change go to http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ and make a donation.  Because that will stir the political pot faster and more effectively than anything else.

Oh yeah, its 11:45 and $5,185,134.57  or about 10k a minute.

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Golly They are dumb. Not

Once again today I was told how dumb some candidate was.I really find it hard to believe that a person with absolutely zero background in, well, any field can criticize any candidate.

Granted, you may vehemently disagree with their policies, but does that mean you get to actually impugn their intelligence?

Frankly if you are so smart, you go try and run for some political seat to make a change. Otherwise shaddddup.

Ok, Ok were all allowed free speech in this country (at least until Bush takes that away too), and that allows me to speak my mind. And you, yours.

But let’s get something straight. Until you sit as chairman on a committee overseeing… Say federal finance reform, you don’t get to say that you know more than they do. Until you stand up to a rather massive attack on your character, and survive it to save a city from becoming so polluted its uninhabitable, you don’t get to think your character is stronger than theirs.

I get tired of dishwashers, the unemployed, phone operators, and salesmen of all types espousing how dumb candidate is, when in fact they have little to no inkling of what even the issue is they are attacking or defending, depending on what they heard in a bar from someone as their basis for education.

The latest thing I ran into was about Congressman Kucinich.

I’ll tell you up front, I’m not voting for the candidate, but a man at work was telling me how off base and stupid he (Kucinich) was.

Let’s see the guy I work with is a software developer for a major corporation. He has a 2 year degree in computer science, and is fairly smart. A lot of what he knows is self taught. He is 29 and has been employed in 3 different fields since he turned 18.

About Dennis Kucinich…

All of these facts were gleaned from Wikipedia, and took maybe 5 minutes. I Did it on a break.  If you wnt to know more, follow the link below, If you want to know his stance on various issue, go to his candidacy website.  http://www.dennis4president.com/home/

The Guy who criticized had no clue he was even mayor of Cleveland, or that his wife, London native Elizabeth Jane Harper Kucinich has a higher level of education than most of congress, and has done more in her life than he had. Or has dreamed of. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Kucinich

In short Dennis K has Brains and Balls. And while you may not agree with him, you don’t have the right to think you know better than him just because your life sucks and you want to make small of someone who can’t fight back. So before you think you know more about, oh say Health care than Senator Clinton, or protecting our borders than Senator Hunter maybe you should pull your head out of your over used ass, and study up some so you at least sound like you know what you’re talking about.Remember, talking loud over someone, is not talking sense, it is simply talking louder.


(there I even put in the link and made it big for you so you don’t have to look it up)

Senator Clinton helped in 1997 establish the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Adoption and Safe Families Act. Was chairwoman of the Task Force on National Health Care Reform in 1993. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillary_clinton

Senator Hunter served as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee during the 109th Congress. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duncan_Hunter

You can disagree, and think another candidate has better idea than any other,  and thats great.  I do.

But chances are that you are not smarter or know more than anyone else. 

You just think you do. 

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Rod y Gab in Seattle Holloween 07

Yup, last night I went to see Rodrigo y Gabriela, an excellent pair of musicians if there ever was one.I can do the usual rave and all that, but frankly they were too good for that.  If asked what they are like (and I was asked) I’d have to say….  Speed metal meets Classical Spanish Guitar meets Irish Jig.

No wonder they are up for the Left field Woody from MTV. 

http://www.mtvu.com/music/woodie_awards/2007/categories/index.jhtml?categoryId=leftfieldI used to buy those concert videos when I was younger, sort of because it’s cool, sort of because of the memory of the concert.  But after you watch some of one, you walk away and listen while you do… whatever.Not these two.  Gabriela’s fingers are too fast for the camera to pick up.  I’m serious.  The concert had multiple cameras from several angles covering both of them, so we in the nose bleeds could see the stage.  Her hand looked like a flying stump with a blur attached.  She Drummed, strummed and finger picked more or left simultaneously, all the while doing the heavy metal head bang that her hair in a slowly rising static attack.Simply amazing.Rodrigo had the head banging down as well, like a true veteran of a thousand psychic wars, he would close his eyes and let his fingers fly.  He did a sort of Lead Flamenco, and made it look easy….  I play some guitar, enough to get me in trouble, and I’ve known a lot of musicians.  I have to tell you, Guitarists come in three flavors.  1st. Those who struggle, and make you think twice about taking it up because they make it look so hard.  2nd. The ones who play like they have done it for years and are inspiring. And 3rdly those who were born with the fret board attached.  Rod y Gab fall into category 3.  When she would get excited she would lift her Guitar like an icon before the crowd to worship, pumping it in the air as if it had a heartbeat.  Rodrigo would simply point at her and encourage the crowd, to encourage her. Once they did a sort of dueling guitars, and when she took off on a flight into guitar heaven he left the stage while she did a credible imitation of the 8 armed Indian goddess on her instrument.IF, if, if there is anything these two have to overcome it’s mostly youth.  As long as they can work together, their incredible skills and musical chemistry will pull them into the heights of stardom.  Their imagination and technical ability is only hampered by not being alive long enough to make it even better.Viva Rod y Gab

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Bush thinks we’ll buy it again

They pulled bombs out of a bunker, on camera in Iraq…  Labeled that they were made in 2006 in Iran.   Of course it make perfect sense tha these labels were printed in the common arabi language…..


The arrogance of this administration is amazing.  I’m officially getting my passport, so I can leave when that asshole tells our men and women to invade Iran.

Do not be surprised when he declares martial law and suspends the elections either.

And reinstates the draft.

and disbands congress for being anti-american traitors.

He is crazy, and I hope he has a stroke and is left incapable of ‘leading’.

we need a new leader and soon, someone to get us out of this stupid war, rebalance our economic system and pull our counry’s collective head out of its ass.

Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

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Holy Bazoombas!  GET THE FUCK OUT!

I hope thats straight forward enough for the politicians who are running this war.

The Iraqi govt. asked us to leave.  If a govt.doesn’t want the troops of another country in its borders, it needs to leave.  If not then the scope gets redefined. Its now war against THAT govt.

Americans will pay roughly 8k a piece to fund this efort.  An effort that 70%+  DO NOT WANT!

I say that the 30% who want the war, pay for it, and send their sons and daughters. 

Simplistic?  Yes

Doable? I suppose not.  Polls show that most war supporters are baby boomers.  And their children are all past the draft age.  They don’t even remember WWII, because they were all born AFTER it.

People, please, write your congress person and urge them to get us out.  Out by hook or by crook, I don’t care.  And you shouldn’t either.

or set a goal of how many americans must die first.  3000? Done!  5k, 20k? Maybe when we start losing as many as we did in Vietnam the corrupt officials and numbnuts who run this country will finally be outed enough to bring our valiant men and women home.


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Dude, where’s my fun?

With the plethora of online MMOs has come one of the bad parts of gaming.  Laziness.

With no need to imagine, every MMO has become a hack and slash fest, filled with hordes of players so uncouth their own families wouldn’t acknowledge them.

Beyond them is the real issue.  There is no incentive to have fun.  Every game is crammed full of shortcuts to make the players lives simpler.  Quests are handed out on a platter, with pointers leading directly to the person/place/thing that needs to be accomplised.  In-game chat crosses the worlds and is so prevalent that few bother to read the documents or manuals.  They know that as soon as they enter any game, within minutes they can simply start asking, over and over how to do the simplest actions.  Like move, or look around.

Online resources are so prevalent that nothing is explored for.  Nothing that can be known about a game isn’t already documented, or in the process thereof.  Power leveling is the norm.  If a game works on levels, its a race to see how fast you can get the max level.  Fun?  Not really, its a job.  And there are programs will help you craft, hunt, sell, map your routes, chat and gain experience as you sleep, or play another game altogether.

Once you pick a genre you like, theres little to do in the games that expands your brain.  The very first time you enter a game, the maps are new, the critters and whatever obsticles are new and life is nifty…  Then some hours go by, and you notice that even when you enter new areas, the living obstacles are the same, just changed in color.  The items all start to look the same, and you notice that almost all the players go to the same places in the same order all the time.  You reroll or remake a character to ‘experience’ something new.  And go to the same maps, the same mobs, the same loot etc….

As its said in a popular sci-fi show “..he’s dead, Jim”

These games will rumble on for a decade and some in this manner before some bright set of developers finally figure out a way to incorporate some new technology and this type of gaming become nostolgic.  Its happend before, several times already.  Think of the line from Pong to Guiter hero.  Or text based MUDs and such to the MMOs of today.  Life, and V-life advances all the time. 

In the mean time I’m going to take my hunter/scout/soldier and to the the cave/complex/fort and kill/defeat/disable the monsters/robots/aliens alone or with my party/group/cohort made up of my kinship/guild/clan and rescue the land/princess/artifact and eat cheetos.


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